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November 8th & November 10th, 2011 Sound Barrier Community Meetings:
Sound Barrier Community Presentation (.pdf)
Project Layout files are available on the Concept Layout page.
Project Video - This link will play the video in a new window
October 21st & October 26th, 2010 Public Hearing Open House:
Public Hearing Open House Presentation (.pdf)
Display Boards (.pdf)
Project Video - This link will play the video in a new window
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I-75 Project Layout (.pdf) 14.2MB
I-575 Project Layout (.pdf) 8.9MB
I-75 Environmental Constraints (.pdf) 12.3MB
I-575 Environmental Constraints
(.pdf) 8.2MB
January 27, 2010: Stakeholder Briefing Presentation (.pdf) The Concept Drawings from the Stakeholder Briefing are located on the Concept Layout page.
Google Earth Concept Drawings demonstrated at the January 27, 2010 Stakeholder Briefing. Instructions for download and use (.pdf). Please retain these instructions for use with the Google Earth file. When Google Earth has been successfully installed on your machine, click this link to download the Google Earth Concept Drawings and proceed per the instructions.
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