The photos are arranged in sections from north to south along the project corridor. Please click on any photo to see a larger version with descriptive caption.

 Wade Green Road - Big Shanty Road
I-75/Wade Green Road I-75/Wade Green Road I-75/Shiloh Road I-75/Shiloh Road
I-75/Wade Green Rd. I-75/Wade Green Rd. I-75/Shiloh Rd. I-75/Shiloh Rd.
I-75/Chastain Road i-75/Barrett Parkway I-75/Noonday Creek Aerial
I-75/Chastain Rd. I-75/Barrett Prkwy. I-75/Noonday Creek
 Big Shanty Road - Bells Ferry Road
I-75/I-575 - S I-75/I-575 - North A I-75/I-575 - North B I-75/I-575
I-75/I-575 I-75/I-575 I-75/I-575 I-75/I-575
SR 5/I-75 - North I-75/SR 5 - South I-75/SR 5 - North Barrett Parkway Aerial
SR 5/I-75 SR 5/I-75 SR 5/I-75 I-75/Barrett Prkwy
Canton Connector Aerial BACK TO TOP >
Canton Connector
 Bells Ferry Road - Roswell/Gresham
I-75/Bells Ferry Road I-75/Allgood Road Aerial I-75/North Loop I-75/North Loop Aerial
I-75/Bells Ferry Rd. I-75/Allgood Rd. I-75/North Loop I-75/North Loop
I-75/Gresham Road Aerial I-75/Roswell Road Aerial I-75/Roswell Road Aerial BACK TO TOP >
I-75/Gresham Rd. I-75/Roswell Rd. I-75/Roswell Rd.
 Roswell/Gresham - Delk/Franklin Road
I-75/South Loop Aerial I-75/South Loop I-75/South Loop I-75/South Loop
I-75/South Loop I-75/South Loop I-75/South Loop I-75/South Loop
I-75/Delk Road Aerial I-75/Delk Road I-75/Delk Road BACK TO TOP >
I-75/Delk Rd. I-75/Delk Rd. I-75/Delk Rd.
 Delk/Franklin Road - Terrell Mill
I-75/Terrell Mill Road Aerial I-75/Windy Hill Road looking North BACK TO TOP >
I-75/Terrell Mill Rd. I-75/Windy Hill North
 Terrell Mill - Akers Mill
I-75/Windy Hill Road Aerial I-75/Windy Hill Road looking North I-75/Windy Ridge Parkway Aerial I-75/I-285 Interchange
I-75/Windy Hill Rd. I-75/Windy Hill I-75/Windy Rdg. Pkwy. I-75/I-285
I-75/285 Interchange I-75/Akers Mill Road Bridge - North I-75/Akers Mill Road Bridge - Northbound I-75/Akers Mill Road Bridge - Southbound
I-75/I285 I-75/Akers Mill Rd. I-75/Akers Mill Rd. I-75/Akers Mill Rd.
I-75/Cumberland Parkway - North I-75/Cumberland Parkway - South BACK TO TOP >
I-75/Cumberland Pkwy. I-75/Cumberland Pkwy.
 Sixes Road - I-75/I-575 Interchange
I-575/Sixes Road I-575/Dupree Road I-575/SR92 I-575/Shallowford Road
I-575/Sixes Rd. I-575/Dupree Rd. I-575/SR 92 I-575/Shallowford Rd.
I-575/Booth Road I-575/Chastain Road I-575/Barrett Parkway I-575/I-75 Interchange
I-575/Booth Rd. I-575/Chastain Rd. I-575/Barrett Prkwy. I-575/I-75
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