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Marietta BRT Station Concepts - These images were captured from the Marietta BRT Station animation. Click on the thumbnail to view the full sized version in a separate window (Updated 7/17/07).

Marietta Station 1 Marietta Station 2 Marietta Station 3 Marietta Station 4
Marietta BRT Station Concept Animation - This is the animation that was playing at the recent PHOH meetings. Click on the thumbnail to download a .zip file of the animation. This is a large file (apprx. 25M) and will be a lengthy download (Updated 7/17/07). Viewing requires the free Quicktime software available here.
Marietta Station Animation

Canton Connector/I-75 Interchange Concept for Final Environmental Impact Study (FEIS) Evaluation (.pdf)
Canton Connector/
I-75 Interchange Concept

The Concept Layout .pdf files linked below are the latest concepts related to the project. The files are large (approximately 20MB each) and the download times will be quite long depending on your internet connection speed and general internet use at the time of download. Click on any title below to download the document. The free Adobe .pdf reader is available here.

Some selected connection speeds and approximate download times:
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56 Kbps - 47min.
64K ISDN - 41min.
128K ISDN - 20min.
640K-DSL - 4min.


I-75 Concept Layout - Click here for lane location options considered and a typical section.
Concept Layout for the Mainline (I-75) Alternative to the HOV Access at Allgood Road - Click here for lane location options considered and a typical section.
I-75 Constraints Map
I-575 Concept Layout - Click here for a typical section. BACK TO TOP

Revision Date: 7/17/07