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Planning for the Atlanta region is done in concert with a host of agencies and jurisdictions.  Below are links to various websites related to the Northwest Corridor HOV/BRT project.



Regional Transportation Programs and Plans

  • ARC I-285 Transit Feasibility Study: www.atlantaregional.com/i285transit/
  • ARC Livable Centers Initiative Program: www.atlantaregional.com/cps/rde/xchg/arc/hs.xsl/308_ENU_HTML.htm
  • ARC Envision 6: /cps/rde/xchg/arc/hs.xsl/2546_ENU_HTML.htm
  • ARC Regional Freight Study: www.atlantaregional.com/freightmobility
  • GDOT HOV Implementation Study: /DOT/plan-prog/planning/studies/hov/index.shtml
  • GDOT HOV: www.dot.state.ga.us/specialsubjects/hov/index.shtml
  • GDOT I-75/I-575 HOV: /specialsubjects/hov/75-575_hov.shtml
  • GDOT Public Outreach: 
  • GRTA Northwest Connectivity Study: nwcs/GRTA_Website/index2.htm
  • SRTA HOT & TOT Study: www.hotandtotstudy.com/

Commuter Programs

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