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Per Federal requirements, a public comment period must coincide with the release of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement and run for a minimum of 45 days. As such, the public comment period for the Northwest Corridor DEIS began on April 30, 2007 and remained open until August 13, 2007. The following is a listing of those comments related to the DEIS received during that period.

The comments have been organized by author as well as method of submittal. The first two headings list the comments received by agencies and non-profit and private organizations. The remaining two headings list those comments received by individuals, submitted via the public hearing open houses, electronically by the project email address or website comment form, or postal mail.

Accompanying the posting of the comments is a response letter from the Georgia Department of Transportation. Click here for a link to the letter.

The free Adobe .pdf reader is available here.

Comments from Agencies & Jurisdictions

Comments from Non-Profit & Private Organizations


Comments Submitted at Public Hearing Open Houses

Comments Submitted via Electronically or Postal Mail
*comments in this section are organized by last name

Revision Date: 10/20/07